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With Famous Finder, your clients will be immediately notified via email when a celebrity or influencer makes a purchase from your client’s Shopify store. As an agency, you can provide them with an essential, easy-to-use tool that’ll increase their potential for influencer collaboration and social media marketing. Allow your clientele to take part in a booming influencer marketing industry.

How does it work? In short, we cross-reference the names of famous individuals who order from Shopify stores with their address, email address, or phone number, to ensure store owners are getting verified, accurate information.

Most Shopify stores have hundreds of orders every day. It can be difficult to know when a celebrity or influencer purchases from that store. Give your clients the tools they need to increase their potential for collaboration and promotion.

How The App Works

identify celebrity customers

Get notified when a celebrity purchases something from your store. Famous Finder uses a factual process that references the celebrity’s birth date, address, email address, and name to ensure they’re actually that celebrity. This isn’t a guessing game - you’ll be certain if a celebrity orders from your site!


Your clients will be able to view more information on that celebrity through their profile. From their birthday to relevant contact information, they can easily view more information about any celebrity shopping within your store. This profile makes it easy to collaborate further with that celebrity or with their team.

Famous finder profile example

Your clients will be able to sign up for daily or weekly emails to notify them of the celebrities who’ve purchased from their Shopify store for that given period. Your clients will be able to customize this notification to fit their wants and needs.

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