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@genesisrenji every morning can start this wild and productive when you've had some @ketobrainz for your brain @mcuban @quharrison#ketobrainz #ketobrainznootropic #keto #brainpower #brainfood #fuelyourmind #mcc #famousfinder ♬ original sound - Genesis Renji

Meet Emmy-Nominated Artist Genesis Renji

How Do We Energize Your Outreach?

We live in an overstimulated society that is always looking for new solutions to help us focus or just get an extra boost of energy to start the day right, but we don’t always know where to look. Famous Finder can help brands, like Keto Brainz, connect with energy-searching consumers by partnering with content creators/influencers who can provide creative ways to introduce the brand to new faces.

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By installing the Famous Finder app, the Keto Brainz brand could uncover valuable partnerships, such as this example with Emmy-nominated artist Genesis Renji. Influencer partnerships can help Keto Brainz showcase the brand’s identity to their audience in a creative way.

The song below, “Keto Ki,” incorporates the energetic feeling of that mental second wind you receive from using Keto Brainz to start your days.


Famous Finder enables companies to better utilize their first party data by identifying celebrities and influencers who have purchased from their store. By partnering with influencers who are customers, companies can harness the power of social proof to increase sales.

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